Mr Chew’s Testimony

?The reasons for my change can be summed up with 2 words: Grace and Jesus.? That was Mr Chew?s succinct reply when asked for the reason for his change.


A gambler for the past decade, the former horse-betting bookie pretty much went through the motions of a gambler ? experiencing winnings, losses and relapses. This led to borrowing behaviour that snowballed his debts and eventually landed him in a financial crisis.


?Every time you borrow money you?ll want to gamble to chase your losses. Unfortunately, I didn?t make it and continued to ?roll?. Then you find the banks to look for money, borrow money, credit card lah, personal loan, credit loan lah, any loan you can have you take lah. Borrowed money from friends and relatives also, and when I couldn?t borrow anymore, then comes the moneylender and borrowed from them lor.? He said.


It eventually led him to a point where he decided that he needed to change and Jesus was the one who gave him a second change. He expounds of the forgiveness that he experienced from Christ?s work on the cross, ?Grace is, when you come to the lowest point of your life, He cleanses us with His previous blood and forgives us for our sins, for what we have done, allowing us to stand upright again in our lives.?


This gave him the strength and resolve to cut off all contacts with his gambling buddies and concentrate on repaying his debts with the help of Mr Wong, who is currently helping people with similar problems at Adullum today.


?In that time when I set my mind to change this habit, I deleted the contacts of those gambling friends, friends who are bad, those with negative influences? I didn?t contact them ?the only people that I was in touch with are from church. I didn?t have any friends outside. I only have friends in church.?


Slowly but surely, he experienced the outpouring of Jesus?s grace in his transformation. He eventually paid off his debts and miraculously, quit smoking. His mother is also a Christian today. An active volunteer at Adullum today, Mr Chew?s testimony is a testament to God?s everlasting grace ? He does not give up on anyone and while we were sinners, gave His Only Son, Jesus Christ on the cross to die for our sins that we may come before him without accusation.


Indeed, God?s love and forgiveness can be summed up in two simple words: Jesus and Grace.



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