Andy’s Testimony

Andy was an avid football fan back in the 1990s. He was exposed to football gambling thereafter and started dabbling in it. While gambling earned him quite a tidy sum in the initial years, it ignited an addiction that would encumber him for the next twenty years. Each bet ranged in the thousands, and while there were profitable winnings, losses eventually caught up with him.


In 2011, Andy?s gambling had to come to a halt due to overwhelming gambling debts that ranged in the hundred of thousands. Not only did he lose all the money that he won, borrowing from licensed moneylenders to cover his growing debt issue multiplied his arrears. Even after his family paid off these debts for him, he still couldn?t shake off his addiction.


He eventually hit rock bottom when his family decided that they couldn?t indulge in helping him with his gambling debts anymore, ?At that time I thought I was hopeless, my family didn?t want to help me anymore?. I didn?t have any hope at all.?


Through his wife?s friend, Andy eventually sought help for financially counseling with Mr Wong, who is currently helping people with similar problems at Adullum today. With Mr Wong?s guidance, Andy?s life started to experience a profound change from then on.


Besides helping manage his debt issues, Mr Wong was his spiritual mentor and guided him in knowing Christ on a personal level. From there, God changed him, helping him kick his long-standing addiction and in rebuilding the broken relationships with his family.


??I experienced many miracles starting from when I first accepted Christ, baptized and till now. All these miracles are given to me by God. My family, which was once so shatttered and broken, is now built up and restored by God. My children today do not hate me as much as last time, and I can?t blame them because I caused a lot of harm to the family last time.?


A changed man today, Andy is currently an active volunteer in Adullum. Unshackled from his debt issues and gambling addiction, he continues to garner peace and joy in times of tribulation through prayer and his walk with God.


To Andy, there is absolutely no doubt about this God who delivered from his addiction and gave him a new lease of life, ?The reason why I know this God is real is because He gave me too much blessings. It is amazing how he could change me into who I am today???



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