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IpayLee Story

Even till today, the whole experience seemed surreal.
It started with 1 in 2012, 3 at the beginning of 2013 and by Feb 2014, I had a total of 48 licensed ML debts. The thing was, during that period, I had actually been servicing these debts promptly. Average principal coverage would have been easily more than 2 times as well. I don’t get it. These are supposedly licensed moneylenders approved by our government.
Enormous stress has been placed upon my family. My wife, on more… than one occasion, has suggested bankruptcy. I brushed it aside at first, but now I am not sure.


Coming to Adullam provided us with the comfort and relief we sought and light, however dim now. I tried not to let it affect my work of 20 years, but there have been times when I looked back thinking “what crime have I committed”? …….




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